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Ancestors Legacy adds Heroes to the multiplayer mode and invites all strategy masters out there to take part in the upcoming tournament!

The brand new Ancestors Legacy update brings Heroes - units well known from single player missions, to multiplayer campaign, giving it a fresh spin. All gamers are invited to test it and then sign up for a tournament organized with AMD™ and The Overpowered Noobs.

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1C Company set to present a plethora of new games

1C Company, a global PC and console games publisher, has today announced that its substantial bags are packed to the brim for Gamescom 2018, where a huge variety of new games in its rapidly burgeoning catalogue will be on show.

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ANCESTORS LEGACY SDK from Overwolf is now available!

1C announces today the opening of new opportunities for players of Ancestors Legacy, the studio’s recently released squad-based RTS, inspired by historical events. By unlocking parts of the game’s code, the developers have opened up a new way for integration of specific tools and features.

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