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REALPOLITIKS now on Mac App Store and Windows Store!

1C is happy to announce that Realpolitiks has been newly released on both the Mac App Store and the Windows Store. Developed by Jujubee, Realpolitiks was launched in February on Steam and through other digital outlets. The Windows and Mac App Stores bring the title even closer to players on each platform, while certifying compatibility across these systems at the same time.

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The Watchmaker demo is out!

1C is pleased to announce that it’s time to release the public demo of The Watchmaker, a puzzle adventure under development by Micropsia Games. With the demo, players can finally check out the steampunk atmosphere of the clock tower, and see how heavily every second of accelerated aging weighs on our hero Alexander, the clock’s keeper and main character. It’s also a chance to test his abilities to manipulate time, which will help him survive and solve the puzzles on his way to uncovering the mystery of the sabotaged clock tower.

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1C and Destructive Creations join forces for a new title!

1C is thrilled to announce that it will be working with indie developer Destructive Creations, adding their current work-in-progress title to its portfolio. In development since 2015, the game will take players into the early Middle ages, with both an extensive singleplayer campaign and intense online multiplayer, all built around real events and featuring historical accuracy and advanced game mechanics. More about the forthcoming title will be revealed on May 9th 2017 and a full-scale hands-on presentation is planned for this year’s Gamescom.

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